US President Joe Biden has once again "reincarnated" as a bitcoin maximalist

US President Joe Biden posted a photo of himself with red laser eyes on social networks X and Instagram, which are considered symbols of support for bitcoin.

US President Joe Biden has once again "reincarnated" as a bitcoin maximalist

Photos with laser eyes were posted on Joe Biden's personal accounts immediately before the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 25:22 in the North American National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl LVIII football game.

This caused a wave of discussion in the crypto community, which asked questions: did Biden really become a supporter of bitcoin, or was it done specifically for his 2024 presidential election campaign to gain the support of cryptocurrency investors?

Many crypto enthusiasts took this as an optimistic forecast for bitcoin, however, the coin did not show noticeable price movements and continued to trade at about $48,150. Some members of the crypto community thought that Biden's account could have been hacked, given that the president adheres to an anti-currency position. Other users asked Biden to remove the photo with laser eyes so as not to cause confusion.

Fox Business journalist Eleanor Terrett hinted that by his actions Biden is trying to "win over" crypto enthusiasts, since spot ETFs for bitcoin are now available in the United States.


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