The Stanford University Foundation invested 7% of its capital in bitcoins

The Stanford University Blood Fund, which is managed by students, invested 7% of its capital in bitcoins.

The Stanford University Foundation invested 7% of its capital in bitcoins

In February, Cole Lee, head of the Stanford Blockchain Club, made a presentation on the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) bitcoin ETF, created by BlackRock. Lee's report convinced the students to allocate money to buy bitcoins, and they purchased coins at the rate of $45,000.

Now the cryptocurrency is worth $66831, respectively, investments in BTC have already brought unrealized profit of 49%. As of December 202Z, the Blue Fund managed assets worth $270,500. Thus, the fund invested $18,935 in bitcoins and increased its capital by $9,278 due to this transaction.

The Bluth Fund is named after the famous banker Charles Blyth, who founded the first investment bank in the Western United States, Bluth Witter & Co. The student Fund invests in stocks, bonds and other traditional assets. According to Cole, representatives of the organization were skeptical about cryptocurrency, but after learning about the advantages of bitcoin, they decided to buy coins.

To encourage students to take this step, Lee spoke about ETFs, cycles in the BTC market and stated that bitcoin allows you to protect yourself from the risks associated with currency chaos and war.

Cole believes that after bitcoin updates its historical high, the bullish rally will not end. On the contrary, the hype around the cryptocurrency will only increase, and the upward movement will accelerate. For this reason, students are not going to get rid of the purchased BTC yet.


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