The NFPrompt team announced the hacking of the platform

On March 15, the NFPrompt AI service was hacked. Hackers gained access to several wallets of the project.

The NFPrompt team announced the hacking of the platform

On March 15, 2024, representatives of the NFPrompt project reported an incident with the security of the platform. The team has taken the necessary measures to prevent the loss of funds and the possible consequences of the exploit.

"We inform you about a critical incident with the NFPrompt security system. We discovered that a group of hackers had hacked into some wallets, including the addresses of the project's contract administrators," NFPrompt said.

According to the team's statement, the attackers gained control of the victims' funds, including part of the treasury.

In response to the hacker attack, the developers transferred all owners of smart contracts to new addresses. They assured that the users' assets are safe.

In addition, the team asked for help from the FBI and alerted the press service of the centralized exchanges (CEX) about the hack. The message says that NFPrompt has initiated the freezing of any funds related to the actions of hackers.

"We have asked our partners to suspend deposits for the duration of the investigation. In addition, we call on decentralized exchanges to temporarily stop the operation of liquidity pools with NFP tokens," the representatives of the project said.

According to available information, NFPrompt cooperates with leading security firms SlowMist and Chainalysis to track the actions of intruders and identify their identities.

The team urged the community to avoid interacting with any third-party smart contracts related to NFPrompt, as well as to refrain from purchasing NFP through private over-the-counter channels.


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