The CEO of OpenSea stated that the company is open for purchases
Photo by PiggyBank / Unsplash

The CEO of OpenSea stated that the company is open for purchases

General Director of the NFT trading platform OpenSea Devin Finzer hinted that the company is open to transactions, including acquisitions, in order to regain lost market share and restore its dominance irovanie.

The honest answer is that we take a fairly open-minded approach and think that if the right partnership comes along, we should definitely consider it.

At the same time, the top manager added that OpenSea is not actively searching for companies to purchase, since the struggle for leadership in the market requires a thoughtful approach.

Before the emergence of a strong competitor in the form of Blur, OpenSea accounted for about 90% of the NFT market share.

According to Dune Analytics, the monthly trading volume on the platform fell by 96%. And although Blur's daily trading volume is approximately five times higher than OpenSea's daily trading volume, the latter still has more users. According to the head of OpenSea, the platform team is now focusing on creating a brand “that ensures the safety of users, excluding from the list any fraudulent or problematic collections."

Blur seem to have cut a lot of corners in their approach to legal and regulatory issues,” Finzer noted. According to DL, the venture capitalists who supported the growth of OpenSea's popularity are still ready to invest capital in the company.


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