Big Day Tomorrow: Google Likely to Start Allowing Bitcoin Spot ETF Ads
Photo by Arthur Osipyan / Unsplash

Big Day Tomorrow: Google Likely to Start Allowing Bitcoin Spot ETF Ads

According to the latest information, Google will start allowing ads in the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Spot ETF area starting tomorrow.

Google has announced a significant update to its policies regarding advertising of certain cryptocurrency products, including Bitcoin ETFs. The changes will come into force on Monday, January 29, 2024.

In the official statement made by Google, the following statements were made:

“In January 2024, Google will update its Cryptocurrency and related products policy, clarifying the scope and requirements for advertising Cryptocurrency Coin Partnerships. “Starting January 29, 2024, advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Currency Trusts targeting the United States may advertise these products and services if they meet the requirements and are approved by Google.”

The first wave of ads under this new policy will launch only in the United States.

The main aim of the new policy was stated to provide clearer parameters and guidelines surrounding the introduction of Cryptocurrency Currency Trusts. As part of the policy update, ads related to Bitcoin ETFs will begin appearing as Google ads starting January 29, 2024.

In the world of online marketing, it is almost impossible to bypass Google Ads, which is used by 99% of all websites, according to a study.


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