OKX will launch mining of Polyhedra Network tokens on the Jumpstart platform

OKX exchange will launch mining of ZK tokens of the Polyhedra Network project. Users will be able to stake Bitcoin and Ethereum to mine the asset.

OKX will launch mining of Polyhedra Network tokens on the Jumpstart platform

The cryptocurrency exchange has introduced the Polyhedra Network (ZK) token for mining on the Jumpstart platform. The program will be launched on March 15, 2024, company representatives said.

Users will be able to deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum for mining ZK. The total token offer under the program is 6,000,000. There are no restrictions on the minimum size of the steak, and the maximum is 0.3 BTC and 3.5 ETH per user.

The Polyhedra Network project specializes in the development of infrastructure for interoperability, privacy and scaling in the crypto industry. It is built on the basis of Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology and offers solutions for data exchange between Web2 and Web3 environments.

Mining of the crypto asset will last from March 15 to March 19, 2024, OKX said. At the same time, the company's clients can participate in the program at any time during which it is valid.

ZK mining is available to all users of the exchange, except residents of China, Hong Kong and South Korea. You can also not use subaccounts.

To participate in the mining of ZK tokens, you must go through the KYC procedure. Next, the client must transfer bitcoin or Ethereum to the main account, go to the Earn section and open the Jumpstart tab.

After that, you need to deposit the desired amount of assets and approve the procedure for placing bitcoins or Ethereum in the service.

Source: https://incrypted.com/okx-zapustyt-majnyng-tokenov-polyhedra-network-na-platforme-jumpstart/

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