Marathon has created a firmware to increase the efficiency of Bitcoin miners

On March 25, 2024, Marathon announced the launch of a new firmware called MARAFW and a control board called MARA UCB 2100. MARAFW is a custom firmware designed to optimize chip settings in integrated special Purpose circuits (ASICs).

Marathon has created a firmware to increase the efficiency of Bitcoin miners

The firmware provides overclocking options, helps to increase bitcoin production and improve efficiency. In addition, Marafw includes intelligent thermal protection of miners from overheating, thereby extending their service life, the company added.

The MARA UCB 2100 management Commission introduced by Marathon is equipped with MARAFW firmware. This control panel makes it easier to support a wide range of bitcoin mining rigs and ensure compatibility with numerous mining pools.

Realizing the importance of the upcoming mining, several organizations have already developed solutions to improve the efficiency of mining devices. For example, Braiins has introduced its own individual Braiins OS+ firmware, which provides separate chip configuration to optimize both the hashrate and the power efficiency of bitcoin ASICs. It is claimed that Braiins OS+ will increase the efficiency of machines, while reducing data transfer between the mining farm and the pool by 95%.

B Marathon are confident that their solution has no analogues, so it is currently being deployed on more than 200,000 installations. Moreover, both Marafw and Mara UCB 2100 have become available to the wider bitcoin mining industry through sales to various customers.


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