Hackers stole $380,000 worth of bitcoins from the founder of Ordinary Rugs

The founder of the Ordinary Rugs project fell for phishing, as a result of which the attackers withdrew 1.47 BTC (~$102,500) and bitcoin "inscriptions" for 4 BTC (~$278,000) from his hot wallet.

Hackers stole $380,000 worth of bitcoins from the founder of Ordinary Rugs
"In my ten years in the crypto industry, this is the first time that I have lost a significant amount of money due to hacking/fraud (not to mention draining my wallet)," said the head of the platform under the pseudonym Archon.

The hack began with a message sent to members of the Bitcoin Rock Discord server advertising a raffle of popular Runestones ordinals. The link in the post led to the fake website of the NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

When Archon connected his wallet to the site and signed the transaction, the hacker was able to steal his coins and "inscriptions". He admitted that he was inattentive, forgetting about the main safety rules.

"The affected wallet was intended only for the issuance of [bitcoin-NFT], but over time I began to be careless and left more serial numbers there, as well as funds for purchase and exchange," he noted.

According to him, during the phishing mailing, the attackers tagged all participants through the @all command, but only the server administrators had the rights to do so.

Archon has discovered that there is a new way to manipulate the pings in the channel using the so-called "markdown flow". He concluded that even large and well-protected servers are at risk of being attacked.

"This is an extremely painful lesson. In fact, there is nothing worse than the moment when you realize that your wallet is empty. Be vigilant when it comes to connecting to giveaways or mining tokens," recalled the founder of Ordinary Rugs.

Source: https://forklog.com/news/hakery-ukrali-u-osnovatelya-ordinal-rugs-bitkoiny-na-380-000

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