Hacken announced the tokenization of equity

Hacken has issued tokenized shares based on Ethereum. For this purpose, the company has allocated 10% of the share capital.

Hacken announced the tokenization of equity

Blockchain security auditor Hacken has announced the tokenization of part of its share capital. This was reported to Encrypted by the organization.

According to the press release, holders of the Hacken native token (HAI) will have the opportunity to exchange their assets for Hacken Equity Shares (HES). Thus, Hacken became the first cryptocurrency company whose community members can own part of a real business, the organization added.

The share of tokenized equity, according to the release, is 10% or 100 HES. These assets were issued on the Ethereum blockchain as tokenized shares.

The ratio of HES to HAI is 1:1 million. The company noted that tokenized shares are available at different fiat prices due to high volatility.

At the same time, Hacken has committed to burn 87% of the received HAI tokens. Recall that there are 645.7 million HAI in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap.

This step is part of the company's strategy to go public in the future, according to the release. Tokenization is designed to increase transparency and accountability, as well as create a close relationship between the native token and the business ecosystem, they added here.

Investors, in turn, will have the opportunity to add a decentralized token related to a real business to their portfolios. This will reduce the risks and make it more stable, Hacken is confident.

The company also shared its plans:

  • launch of an authorized secondary market after the completion of the tokenization round;
  • exploring the possibility of exiting the company by repurchasing shares during subsequent investment rounds;
  • holding an IPO as a strategic goal for 2027.

The technical partner of the project, according to the release, is the Brickken protocol. Hacken's tokenized shares are already available on this platform for all traders who have completed KYC verification, the company noted.

Source: https://incrypted.com/hacken-objavyla-o-tokenyzatsyy-aktsyonernogo-kapytala/

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