Gnosis Chain activated BLOB transactions before launching Dencun

Ahead of the Dencun update on the Ethereum network, Gnosis Chain developers have activated BLOB transactions to scale the sidechain.

Gnosis Chain activated BLOB transactions before launching Dencun
"Dencun is activated. Now you can use BLOB objects to scale Gnosis or post funny pictures using ", — said the co-founder of the project Stefan George.

BLOB-type transactions will be launched on the main Ethereum network on March 13 during the hard fork.

One of the main components of the update is the EIP-4844. The proposal includes a Proto-Danksharding option designed to scale the network by creating a new type of transaction for large binary data arrays (blobs).

It is expected that Dencun will reduce the amount of commissions for L2 solutions based on Rollups technology by about 10 times.

Gnosis Chain, formerly known as xDai Chain, operates as an Ethereum sidechain run by GnosisDAO. According to DeFi Llama, the total blocked value in the protocol exceeds $320 million. The network hosts large decentralized applications like Balancer, Spark, Aave and Aura.

In February, Polygon developers described how Dencun would reduce fees in second-tier solutions and mitigate the problem of high cost of data availability.


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