Former Top Gear Presenters Reacted to the cryptoscam Advertisement

Former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May called a series of ads advertising cryptoscams using their names nonsense. The stars of British television advised fans to "send this advertisement to hell" and go to the pub.

Former Top Gear Presenters Reacted to the cryptoscam Advertisement

On Saturday, a series of paid advertisements appeared on the banned social network X (formerly Twitter) in Russia, redirecting users to a phishing site designed in the style of the BBC, where an interview allegedly taken from the presenter was published.

In this interview, the scammers attribute statements to May that make readers think that they are missing out on a profitable investment opportunity. To register for the amount of earnings on a cryptoplatform with the suspicious name Immediate Chain, users had to pay 250 pounds sterling.

James May, who is now the host of the Grand Tour program, wrote that "Jeremy Clarkson is also present in these fraudulent ads. In fact, he doesn't really like to give out financial advice. And you shouldn't."

May added that their colleague Richard Hammond is also not associated with fake crypto advertising, in this case "there is an outright scam, and the credit of trust stretches like an elastic band until it breaks and clicks right on your testicles."

Clarkson, in turn, clarified that neither he nor May advertise any kind of earnings scheme, and the word cryptocurrency, in his words, "terrifies him."

Unfortunately, the social network now owned by Elon Musk has a rich history of placing ads with ads for various types of fraud, with cryptocurrency, flights to Mapc and even Neuralink's neural chips.


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