Bitmain has become the owner of a share of a large bitcoin miner

Bitmain, the world's largest producer of bitcoin miners, became a shareholder of Core Scientific with a 5.5% stake after the end of the Core Scientific reorganization process.

Bitmain has become the owner of a share of a large bitcoin miner

Bitmain has filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that the company owns 10.7 million shares of Core Scientific in accordance with the terms of the equipment sale deal approved by a court in the United States for Core Scientific.

In 2023, Bitmain supplied Core Scientific with S19XP bitcoin miners with a total hashrate of 4.1 Eh/s, with $23.1 million for the equipment paid in US dollars, and $53.9 million in the form of a transfer of Core Scientific shares.

The 5.5% stake in Core Scientific shows that Bitmain is actively following the path of not only selling mining equipment, but also investing directly in the bitcoin mining business. It is worth noting that the total corporate hashrate of Core Scientific currently exceeds 20 Eh/s.

Recall that Bitmain also owns a 5% stake in BitFuFu, while at the same time being a supplier of bitcoin miners, which are leased by this company. The total hashrate of the BitFuFu hardware fleet is also significant and exceeds 15 Eh/s.


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