Bitcoin fell to $8,900 on the BitMEX exchange

The bitcoin exchange rate dropped to $8,900 on the BitMEX exchange. This happened due to the sale of 400 BTC.

Bitcoin fell to $8,900 on the BitMEX exchange

The rate of the first cryptocurrency fell to $8,900 on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain Daily explained that this was due to the fact that an "unscrupulous seller" sold 400 BTC on the spot market.

BitMEX reacted to the sharp drop in the price of bitcoin. The project team stated:

"We are investigating unusual activity in the last few hours related to the user selling large volumes on the spot market in the BTC/USDT pair."

The company added that this does not affect the futures market and the price of contracts paired with XBT. According to BitMEX, the platform is operating normally, and all funds are safe.

Note that one of the X users (formerly Twitter) believes that it was "a complete manipulation to eliminate everyone and fill purchase orders for less than $10,000." He added that the exchange apparently earned a billion dollars from this scam.


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