B Arbitrum DAO were afraid to Donate Tornado Cash Cryptocurrency

Members of the decentralized autonomous organization Arbitrum, which manages the Arbitrum cryptocurrency blockchain (ARB), were afraid to donate digital assets to the developers of the Tornado Cash cryptomixer.

B Arbitrum DAO were afraid to Donate Tornado Cash Cryptocurrency

The participant of the Arbitrum DAO, Joseph Axisa, took the initiative to donate from 200,000 to 600,000 ARB worth from $428,000 to $1,Z million to Roman Storm and Alexey Pertsev, who wrote the code for the smart contract of the Tornado Cash platform, created to anonymize cryptocurrency transactions. Axisa offered to raise money for the legal defense of IT professionals accused of money laundering.

However, Joseph's posts on the Arbitrum forum and on the banned social network X in Russia have been deleted. A representative of the Arbitrum DAO said that Axis had changed his mind and abandoned his idea to provide financial assistance to Storm and Pertsev.

It became known from anonymous sources that the members of the Arbitrum DAO did not like Axis' initiative. They were afraid to incur the wrath of American officials on the organization, who banned Tornado Cash in 2022 and imposed sanctions against the service. However, programmers will not be left without support, because JusticeDAO employees launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover Roman and Alexey's legal expenses in the amount of about $100,000 per month.

Source: https://happycoin.club/v-arbitrum-dao-ispugalis-zhertvovat-kriptovalyutu-tornado-cash/

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