Yuri Pripachkin: "You don't need to invest your last money in bitcoin"

The president of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency Economics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (RAKIB) warned investors against buying the first cryptocurrency with the last money.

Yuri Pripachkin: "You don't need to invest your last money in bitcoin"

Yuri Pripachkin, speaking at the press center of the National News Service (NSN), said that now at least 80% of investors who purchase cryptocurrency put it in the piggy bank. It is extremely bad when people mortgage real estate and other property, buy bitcoins, and then the value of the asset suddenly decreases, a business representative worries.

The most optimal investment option seems to be a strategy of gradual entry into the cryptocurrency, so that when the value drops, you can quickly withdraw your capital.

President RAKIB is convinced that the federal authorities need to resolve the issue of cryptocurrency circulation as soon as possible by establishing clear and transparent rules of the game for market participants. But this has not been done yet.

For the last seven years, the cryptocurrency industry has been in a gray zone, which negatively affects further development, complains Yuri Pripachkin. President RAKIB states that investors are losing funds and are increasingly becoming victims of scammers promising high profits from investing in digital assets.

Source: https://bits.media/yuriy-pripachkin-v-bitkoin-ne-nado-vkladyvat-poslednie-dengi/

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