XRP will be launched on Flare Networks

XRP is on track to integrate with its long-time ally Flare Networks, and CEO Hugo Filon details the conditions.

XRP will be launched on Flare Networks

Flare Network co-founder and CEO Hugo Filion announced that XRP will come to the Flare network through the FXRP asset.

According to Filion, the integration will be carried out using Layer Cake, which will even expand the integration of XRP with other protocols outside the Flare Network.

Filion noted that thanks to the LayerCake protocol, developers of decentralized applications (DApp) can innovate with limitless possibilities. By offering ways to create applications with compatible features, they will have a greater impact over time.

The blockchain ecosystem is dynamic, and in an effort to get the maximum benefit for everyone, developers prefer to work in an open system. The XRP ecosystem has been actively developing lately, since the Xahau sidechain appeared in the XRP Ledger last year and the Evernode Layer 2 scaling solution was launched.

Source: https://xrp-buy.ru/flare/xrp-budet-zapushhen-v-seti-flare-networks/

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