Vitalik Buterin has compiled instructions for detecting deepfakes

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin wrote an article about the growing problem of deepfakes and analyzed possible ways to identify them.

Vitalik Buterin has compiled instructions for detecting deepfakes

To begin with, he pointed out the drawback of the cryptographic method, often offered by the community as a secure authentication. According to Buterin, there is always a risk of potential interception of public keys or user profile by a hacker.

As a more reliable alternative, the developer suggested using security questions in communications, the answers to which are difficult to guess or find on the Internet. They should relate to some real-life events that a third party cannot obtain even in the case of corporate or government leaks.

In addition to the security issues, the Ethereum co-founder suggested using a number of other strategies to improve security. These can be:

  • pre-agreed code words;
  • the key of coercion is an unobtrusive signal word that demonstrates to the other party that you are acting under pressure or threats;
  • confirmation of the cryptocurrency address in several messengers;
  • security numbers from Signal or Telegram emoticons confirming the secure encryption of the chat;
  • restrictions and delays in performing important and irreversible actions, including by entering them into smart contracts.

In conclusion, he added that the best authentication methods should combine several techniques that are most convenient for a particular person or enterprise.


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