US authorities have charged three suspects in the FTX hack

The U.S. Attorney's office has accused three people of hacking the FTX cryptocurrency exchange for $ 400 million, which occurred in 2022 using SIM swapping.

US authorities have charged three suspects in the FTX hack

On January 24, the Washington District Court filed a case against Robert Powell, Carter Ron and Emily Hernandez. The documents describe in detail the attack on the "Victim Company 1" in the period from November 11 to 12, 2022 - after FTX filed for bankruptcy.

Hernandez allegedly posed as an employee of the company, and Powell fraudulently gained access to the data of the AT&T mobile operator that served the company. Subsequently, the group seized the organization's accounts and "transferred more than $400 million in digital currency" from crypto wallets.

Elliptic, an analytical company, suggested that FTX is the "Victim Company 1", since the dates and amount of stolen funds coincide with the incident.

In a Bloomberg article, "two people familiar with the matter" confirmed the connection of the case with FTX.

Powell, Ron and Hernandez are charged with conspiracy to use electronic means of communication and identity theft from "50 victims."


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