Trader earned $30 million on BOME in just 3 days

Lookonchain analysts drew attention to the address of the BOME presale participant, who managed to turn 421 SOL into 30.6 million dollars in just 3 days.

Trader earned $30 million on BOME in just 3 days

The sundayfunday.sol wallet is the largest participant in the presale of a new memcoin on Solana called Book of Meme. 3 days ago, he spent 421 SOL worth about $72,000 and received 1.43 billion BOME in return. At the current price, their value is about $30.6 million.

Today, he partially recorded a profit, selling 190 million BOME for 19,646 SOL worth about $3.66 million. He currently owns 1.24 billion Book of Meme.

Another trader sent 102 SOL to the address of the creator of BOME and received 347 million tokens in return, and then sold them with a 340-fold profit for $6.58 million.

However, other market participants were not so lucky. Shatter.sol spent 50 SOL to buy 170,250 BOME and got rid of them after 14 hours, earning about $130,000. At the moment, the value of the tokens sold by him exceeds $ 3.5 million.


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