The Unizen DeFi protocol was hacked for more than $2 million

The Unizen DeFi protocol team has stated that it will reimburse users for all lost funds. The developers announced this on their official page in X (ex. "Twitter").

The Unizen DeFi protocol was hacked for more than $2 million

Analysts of the PeckShield blockchain security platform were the first to point out the incident. They discovered a vulnerability in one of the Unizen smart contracts, which allowed attackers to gain access to user funds.

Then experts wrote that hackers had already withdrawn more than $ 2 million.

Later, SlowMist experts confirmed that the total amount of losses amounted to $2.1 million. They also added that the cybercriminals exchanged the stolen Tether (USDT) for Dai (DAI) stablecoins.

The Unizen team turned to hackers almost immediately. The developers offered the attackers a reward of 20% of the stolen amount.

So far, the negotiations have not led to anything. However, Unizen said it would reimburse all users affected by the attack as soon as possible. The money will be borrowed from the general director of the project, Sean Nogi:

"Our CEO and founder, Sean Leg, has decided to provide Unizen with a loan for most of the immediate refund at 0% interest from his personal funds in order to maintain our operational speed and efficiency," the minutes said.

All wallets that lost less than $750,000 received a refund on March 11 in USDT or USD Coin (USDC). With users who have lost more than $ 750 thousand, the issue of reimbursement will be considered on an individual basis, representatives of Unizen noted.


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