The Incognito darknet team extorts funds from buyers and sellers

An exit scam usually involves the termination of activities and the escape of co funds held in escrow.

The Incognito darknet team extorts funds from buyers and sellers

Shortly after the Incognito darknet market apparently conducted an exit scam, its operators began extorting funds from customers and sellers. The Incognito team claims to own the transaction logs of crypto assets and archived conversations of its users, and this information will be transferred to law enforcement agencies in the absence of payment.

Recall that last week, Incognito employees disappeared with huge amounts of bitcoins and Monero. Since the first days of the existence of the darknet, created on the principle of Silk Road, exit scams have become a constant problem.

Incognito administrators went even further and engaged in extortion of money from users of the platform.

We have another unpleasant little surprise for you. Over the years, we have accumulated personal messages, information about transactions and order details, such a message is sent by the administrators of Incognito Market.
You will be surprised by the number of people who have used our "automatic encryption" feature. And by the way, your messages and transaction IDs were not deleted after the "expiration date".

It is stated that the information that can be transferred to law enforcement agencies includes a comprehensive copy of 557,000 orders and 862,000 identifiers of cryptocurrency transactions. For the money, it is promised to delete the information, this time for sure.


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