The CommEX crypto exchange is closing

The CommEX crypto exchange is closing

The CommEX cryptocurrency exchange, which bought Binance's business in Russia and the CIS in September, announced its closure

CommEX operations will be phased out gradually starting from March 25, 2024. The representatives of the trading platform did not announce the specific reasons for the closure, noting only that they came to this decision "after a thorough analysis of the current situation and revision of strategic plans."

According to the official announcement, starting today, the platform:

  • stops registration of new users;
  • transfer of assets from Binance;
  • accepting deposits in fiat and cryptocurrency.

The CommEX spot market will close on April 23. On May 10, the platform's website will stop working, and all open orders will be automatically closed by the system. The remaining user accounts "will be subject to an asset management fee of 1% of the total assets," the announcement says.


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