The attacker earned $2.6 million in SOL on a fake token presale

An attacker posing as the well-known cryptotrader Ansem on Twitter stole more than $ 2.6 million in Solana (SOL) tokens using phishing.

The attacker earned $2.6 million in SOL on a fake token presale

According to ZachXBT, the attacker created a clone of the Ansem account by changing one letter in the username, and sent a link to a fake memcoin presale on Solana called BULL in the comments to his posts. Users went to the address and connected to the site, after which drainer emptied their wallets. The largest damage was about $1.2 million.

Although regulators around the world are keeping an eye on the crypto sector, it has not yet been possible to reduce fraud cases. So, in February, the number of victims of phishing attacks increased by 10 thousand people compared to January, although the amount stolen decreased slightly. The topic is becoming so acute that films are already being made at cryptographic break-ins.

There are many different tactics in the arsenal of scammers. In addition, on social networks, cybercriminals often pose as legal crypto organizations or famous people, misleading potential victims. Twitter suffers most often: only this year, attackers have already managed to hack the accounts of the managing partner of DWF Labs, auditor CertiK and the largest data aggregator CoinGecko.


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