Massive Ethereum Update Is Here: All You Need to Know About Prague

The core development team is currently in a debate over prioritizing the implementation of Verkle trees, a data structure that would optimize storage and access to information on Ethereum.

Massive Ethereum Update Is Here: All You Need to Know About Prague

The main argument for concentrating solely on Verkle trees stems from their complexity and the time investment needed to implement them effectively. This could mean that if Verkle trees become the next priority, no new execution layer (EL) features might appear for 12 to 24 months, or possibly longer.

Nevertheless, there is an understanding that even if the focus shifts to Verkle trees, minor updates to the Ethereum Layer (EL) might still be necessary. For example, changes to the gas limit for data availability are crucial for Ethereum's scaling solutions and require coordination across both the execution layer and the consensus layer (CL).

The Prague upgrade is set to include various proposals that aim to refine the Ethereum platform on different layers, including precompiles for specific cryptographic operations, a new EVM object format (EOF) and modifications to smart contract capabilities.

The Prague upgrade promises to be a significant event that will shape the future of the Ethereum ecosystem. It is a step forward in ensuring that Ethereum continues to offer a secure, efficient and scalable platform for decentralized applications.


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