Kitboga video blogger publicly deceived a cryptocurrency scammer for 74 bitcoins

A video blogger under the nickname Kitboga, in front of several thousand of his subscribers, managed to deceive a scammer who hoped to extort $ 4.5 million in bitcoins.

Kitboga video blogger publicly deceived a cryptocurrency scammer for 74 bitcoins

The Kitboga streamer gained fame by deceiving a variety of intruders in front of his fans. This time, he told the audience that for almost two months he had been communicating with a scammer who promised to build him a house for cryptocurrency. To complete the transaction, it remains only to make a video call on WhatsApp to follow the instructions of the unknown.

Kitboga created a fake cryptocurrency account with 74 bitcoins worth about 3.5 million pounds ($4.5 million). The blogger introduced himself as an elderly woman and promised to send funds to a fake contractor. Communicating with the attacker, the blogger tried to carry out the transaction as long as possible and deliberately behaved as if he had not heard the number of the fraudster's wallet. Kitboga slowly typed the text and, much to the delight of the audience, involved the second person, the so-called husband of the woman, in the conversation.

At some point, the "old Kitboga" told the scammer that she had found another person on Facebook who could help with investments if this transaction did not take place. The attacker immediately tried to dissuade her, calling it a bad idea, because otherwise she would lose all her savings: there are only scammers around!

In the end, Kitboga specifically sent bitcoins to another address, while the scammer who saw the screen was already tired of shouting at his failed victim, demanding that she cancel the order. Upset over the failed deal, the scammer turned off the video call, and later wrote to the fake old lady that he would never forgive her and generally hated her very much.


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