Kennedy Jr. declares war on CBDC

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for president of the United States, promised to fight the creation of CB DC. In a post published on his page in X (ex. In his speech, he stated that the adoption of a digital currency would eventually lead to blackmail and pressure from the authorities.

Kennedy Jr. declares war on CBDC

In the minute-long video, Kennedy claims that the CBDC will allow the government to know about every transaction of any citizen. He called the Central Bank's digital currency a disaster and cited the situation in China as an example. There, he said, the digital yuan is used in the social credit system to collect data on Chinese citizens.

The politician vowed to put an end to all efforts to develop a digital dollar. Kennedy said he would do everything possible to preserve fiat as soon as he became president. At the same time, he recalled that bitcoin (BTC) protects savings better than cash.

Earlier, another US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, spoke out against CBDC. As part of his election campaign, he stated that he sees the Central Bank's digital currency as a tool for controlling citizens,
the same opinion was held by former opponents of Kennedy and Trump. However, Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis have already withdrawn from the presidential race.

Kennedy Jr. has repeatedly spoken about the first cryptocurrency. So, back in June last year, he stated that he plans to ensure the inviolability of the rights to own and use BTC if he wins the upcoming elections in November this year.
Later, he also noted that he was going to stabilize the dollar with bitcoin. According to the politician, the abolition of the conversion of BTC into US dollars from the tax will contribute to innovation. In addition, it will also make America a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

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