Justin Sun called the integration of BTT with AI computing a revolution

Sun noted that the integration of BTT and artificial intelligence computing offers an alternative by distributing the computing load across the global network of BitTorrent nodes.

Justin Sun called the integration of BTT with AI computing a revolution

According to TRON founder Justin Sun, the integration of the BitTorrent token (BTT) with artificial intelligence (AI) computing will be a significant breakthrough in the blockchain industry. In a message on the banned social network X in Russia, he explained why he considers this a revolution in digital technologies.

Justin Sun called BitTorrent's "billion-dollar global user base and highly distributed node network" an important factor for the development of the blockchain industry. He also stressed that nodes can earn BTT through computational tasks, and AI will help in the implementation of content delivery networks (CDNs) and distributed computing.

In addition, Sun noted that this merger goes beyond providing the computing power needed for artificial intelligence technologies and strengthens decentralized support.

In his opinion, artificial intelligence technologies, especially those that include machine learning and deep learning, require significant computing power for data processing and model training. This, in turn, required the use of centralized cloud computing services and led to significant costs and centralization of control over the AI development infrastructure.

Source: https://happycoin.club/dzhastin-san-nazval-integracziyu-btt-s-vychisleniyami-ii-revolyucziej/

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