Ha the new Solana cryptophone "Chapter 2" has 60,000 pre-orders

The next smartphone model with Solana blockchain support aroused great interest almost a year before the product goes on sale. In less than three weeks, 60,000 pre-orders were placed for the successor to Solana Mobile Saga called "Solana Mobile Chapter 2".

Ha the new Solana cryptophone "Chapter 2" has 60,000 pre-orders

Solana Mobile announced the successor to its popular Solana Mobile Saga cryptophone on January 16, a cheaper device with embedded software that supports cryptography. You can purchase Solana Chapter 2. wallet for $450, and phone deliveries will begin in 2025.

The Solana Mobile Saga phone was introduced in June 2022 at a price of $1,000, due to low demand, its price was reduced to $599. Saga was sold out in the USA on December 15, 202Z.

The Solana Mobile team compiled a table of users who attracted the most referrals before the launch of Chapter 2. 1,500 leaders will receive Element NFT and rewards from projects in the Solana Mad Lads, Jupiter, Tensor and Backpack ecosystem.

Source: https://happycoin.club/na-novyj-kriptotelefon-solana-chapter-2-oformili-60-000-predzakazov/

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