FTX ex-executive Ryan Salame surrenders $5.9M estate in Bahamas

FTX ex-executive Ryan Salame surrenders $5.9M estate in Bahamas

The process of asset transfer was stated in the motion filed on May 1, 2023, with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware

Ryan Salame, the former co-head at FTX Digital Markets, has agreed to surrender a million-dollar estate in the Bahamas. This decision is a concession he made as part of the plea bargain with American authorities. An object in question we are holding, valued at $5.9 million, is situated in the Marina Residences at Albany Building 10 Condominium, Unit 3A in particular. Alipay Salame's agreement for the transfer is meant to be an important part of restitution for $5.6 million for FTX Trading Ltd and related creditors.

The process of asset transfer was stated in the motion filed on May 1, 2023, with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. The filings stated that instead of selling the property, the debtors prefer to pursue a deed in lieu of foreclosure in order to sidestep the possible losses from a quick sale. This strategy aims to keep the value of their other Bahamian real estate properties and then monetize them in the future.

Salame made a strategic choice to utilize the land to pay the restitution that was accepted to avoid the financial hardships of a cash payment. The agreement is viewed as satisfactory for both parties, Salame and the debtors, enabling the former to pay the full penalty and avoid asset forfeiture.

FTX bankruptcy unravels complex property deals

In September 2021, Salame purchased the property from the Alameda Research account at Silvergate Bank, where he sent a 10% deposit ($7.2 million). Consequently, the next installments for the same property were paid to Salame through the FTX DM correspondent account in the total sum of $8.1 million, transferred from the Fidelity Bank account in the Bahamas. Such funds were meant to be attached to the balance of the purchase payment.

On March 31, 2022, Salame and Alameda Research signed a promissory note to confirm the terms of payment between Salame and Alameda. According to the note, Salame would pay Alameda $8.1 million back. Besides that development, the company was compelled to disclose its financial arrangement due to the broader unraveling of FTX and Alameda, which led to bankruptcy filings in November 2022. Real estate transactions are also among the things that have been unwound in the current bankruptcy flow of files.

The transfer of the property to finalize the restitution is indispensable to settle the rift through which the funds of previous FTX Digital Markets tenures were lost. This is a measure towards wider initiatives to deal with the negative impact following the company's demise.

Ryan Salame pleads guilty, awaits sentencing

Ryan Salame was charged with conspiracy to make illegal political contributions, defraud the Federal Election Commission, and run an unregistered money transmission company. His guilty plea last September resulted in the present restitution agreement. Salame will be sentenced on May 28, 2024, though the criminal proceedings may not end on the same date.

The case has raised the question of regulation and law in the cryptocurrency industry. Alongside FTX, ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who was accused of the crime, was also given 25 years in prison in March last year.

The resolution of Salame's case, comprising the transfer of property, is being continuously reviewed to understand the circumvention of comprehensive financial crimes involving cryptocurrency organizations. The implications may also possibly set a precedent for future regulatory mechanisms that cater to cryptocurrency markets and prevent the recurrence of similar situations.

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