Detained Binance Top Manager sues Nigerian Government

Tigran Gambaryan, Vice President for Global Intelligence and Investigations of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, who has been in custody in Nigeria since February 25, filed a lawsuit against the country's authorities for violation of his rights. This is reported by local media.

Detained Binance Top Manager sues Nigerian Government

In particular, charges were brought against Nigeria's National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribad and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Gambaryan claims that his detention and confiscation of his passport contradict the local Constitution, which guarantees "personal freedom" and "transfer to court within a reasonable time."

He called on the court to order the NSA and EFCC to release him from custody, immediately return his passport and make a public apology.

Gambarian also demanded an indefinite injunction against his further detention in connection with any investigation or demands made against Binance.

The top manager said that together with the director of Binance in West and East Africa, Nadim Andjarwalla, he arrived in Nigeria at the invitation of the authorities to discuss the activities of the exchange. He did not commit any offenses and did not receive written notifications about it.

"The only reason for the detention is that the government is requesting information from Binance and making demands on the company," he added.

Anjarwalla, who had previously managed to leave the country illegally, filed a similar lawsuit.

The Nigerian government has asked for Interpol's help to track down and arrest Anjarwalla for trial, according to local media.

The court of first instance postponed consideration of the case on Gambaryan's claim until April 8.

Recall that the Nigerian authorities accuse Binance Holdings Limited and two of its top managers of tax evasion in the amount of.

The prosecution insists that individuals used the exchange to launder almost $21.6 billion.


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