Cryptographer ZachXBT Revealed the Theft of $900,000 worth of TICKER crypto Assets

An independent "blockchain sleuth" ZachXBT found out that French developer Jolan Lacroix stole $900,000 worth of TICKER tokens during the pre-sale. The thief sold the stolen crypto assets to buy NFT and memcoins.

Cryptographer ZachXBT Revealed the Theft of $900,000 worth of TICKER crypto Assets

According to a series of ZachXBT tweets, the researcher managed to uncover the identity of the TICKER thief. It turned out to be the French developer Jolan Lacroix, known as Qwerty, and living in France. The ZachXBT user managed to find his Telegram account, phone number and email address, so ZachXBT called on the victims to bring a court case against the developer.

Last weekend, on March 16, TICKER launched a pre-sale on the Coinbase Base platform, raising a total of 877 ETH worth $3.19 million through the Party app on Base. According to the marketing plan, 24% of the tokens were intended for the liquidity provider, and 71% for pre-sale and free distribution. 1% of the tokens were reserved for early investors, and 4% were intended to eliminate possible errors.

After the token generation event, the project team sent the developer 15% for airdrop, but Lacroix decided to sell 13% of the funds for $900,000. Soon, the developer began distributing funds by transferring Base ethers to Ethereum through Orbiter Finance. He later moved them to Solana via Mayan Swap and Allbridge. The fraudster has already started spending the stolen assets on the purchase of memcoins and Milady collectible tokens.

Zholan then logged onto Platform X to respond to the allegations and confirmed that he was indeed in control of the stolen funds. At the same time, he did not hesitate to post offensive tweets, mocking the project team and the community, saying that he did not regret his actions. These tweets have already been deleted.


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