Crypto Companies did not advertise on the Super Bowl

The leading companies of the crypto industry did not apply for advertising during the Super Bowl. Fox Business writes about this.

Crypto Companies did not advertise on the Super Bowl

In particular, the issuers of the spot bitcoin ETFs BlackRock and Grayscale did not report their products, since there were no free slots left after the SEC approved the instruments.

The main sports and television event in the United States went without advertising digital assets for the second year in a row, according to Fox Business.

The only thing that pointed to cryptocurrencies this evening was Jack Dorsey's T—shirt with the inscription Satoshi. The founder of Block was present at the stadium podium in the company of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

In 2022, Coinbase spent $14 million on a 60-second video of a QR code moving across the screen. Journalists failed to clarify the position of the bitcoin exchange regarding the current NFL finals.


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