BlackRock Launches Its First Tokenized Asset Fund

BlackRock Launches Its First Tokenized Asset Fund

The largest asset management company BlackRock has applied to launch the USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund. This will be the company's first fund with tokenized assets.

According to the application, BlackRock created a fund under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands back in 2023, but there has not yet been a public launch. The company has submitted a Form D, through which it is going to withdraw the fund from certain SEC regulations.

The documents state that investments of at least $100,000 are required to participate in the fund. USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund will be presented on the American Securitize platform, which works with digital assets and conducts token sales. The amount of the fund is not limited.

As part of the USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, assets will be placed on the Ethereum network in the form of ERC-20 standard tokens called BUIDL. Currently, these tokens have only one owner, and their market capitalization is $0.

"The next step for us should be the tokenization of financial assets, which means that each share and bond will be in the same digital registry, the blockchain. Each investor, you and I, will have their own number and identification information. This way we could get rid of all the problems with illegal activities related to securities," said Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock.


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