Binance has launched a marketplace for trading "inscriptions"

The new platform will allow you to sell, buy and mine BRC-20 tokens and other EVM-compatible assets. This is stated in the official message of the crypto exchange.

Binance has launched a marketplace for trading "inscriptions"

The marketplace for "inscriptions" is hosted in the Binance Web3 wallet, which is available through the platform's application. According to the developers, the new product offers various features, including:

  • purchase, sale and mining of BRC-20 standard tokens and other EVM coins;
  • seamless transfers between the Binance platform and its crypto wallet;
  • increased transaction speed using a special accelerator for the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

It is reported that Binance has entered into a partnership with the UniSat wallet, which supports more than 60 thousand BRC-20 tokens. The collaboration will also provide users with access to UniSat's liquidity.

"We believe that our arrival in this area is timely, not belated, because right now Binance users can explore this developing area and benefit from it," representatives of the crypto exchange said.

Source: beincrypto

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