Avalanche has started cooperating with the Chinese payment system Alipay

A Web 3.0 voucher program has been launched as part of the partnership

Avalanche has started cooperating with the Chinese payment system Alipay

The Avalanche blockchain team announced the Alipay collaboration, in which the Alipay+ D-store platform and its partner e-wallets will use Avalanche to launch a voucher program with support for Web 3.0 technology. The program is deployed in milk tea shops in Southeast Asia, it allows users to get vouchers by playing a mini-game.

Vouchers allow users to receive discounts of up to 50% in more than 500 milk tea shops. The vouchers work on the basis of the Avalanche subnet, created and managed by its AvaCloud blockchain service. According to the representatives of the platform, the vouchers are designed to allow brands such as Alipay to use solutions based on Web 3.0 technology.

Avalanche stated that the program opens up opportunities for Alipay to collaborate with other brands using blockchain features and digital collectibles.

The program is still in the first Proof of concept (POC) stage. It is planned that in the future it will cover more than 2,000 food stores and present vouchers to 100 million users from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Last November, the founder of Ava Labs, the Avalanche developer company, Emin Gun Sirer announced a 12% staff reduction to "redistribute resources towards ecosystem development."

Source: https://getblock.net/news/avalanche-starts-to-cooperate-with-the-chinese-payment-system-alipay

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