Affected QIWI customers will receive payments to the CFA

Experts pointed out another advantage of the CFA — the tool can be used to quickly raise funds

Affected QIWI customers will receive payments to the CFA

The CFA organized the Atomize blockchain platform for Tochka Bank. The total amount of the transaction was ₽200 million. The amount of the issue is linked to the key rate, increased by 1 percentage point. The circulation period is ten months; interest income will be paid monthly.

The Central Bank of Russia revoked the license from Kiwi Bank at the end of February. According to one of the representatives of Tochka Bank, in this regard, many small business companies began to request financing from the credit institution.

"We are faced with increased demand for supply chain financing from small business wholesalers. Some of them have lost liquidity, this has disrupted the usual course of business in the procurement chains and in liquidity," he said.

Almost 3% of Tochka Bank's customers had accounts in Qiwi. Since March 5, the credit institution has been paying funds to those whose accounts have been frozen. The total amount of payments can reach 8 billion rubles.

According to representatives, the CFA helped to promptly finance all disrupted supply chains, as well as quickly restore their liquidity. The tool left a pleasant impression, so Tochka Bank is now preparing to integrate with Atomize.

Experts stressed that the experience of Tochka Bank pointed to another advantage of the CFA over the traditional financial system — now it is possible to raise funds much faster.

"It is possible to issue a CFA more quickly than to attract a loan or place bonds. CFAs do not require disclosure of information by issuers, nor do they involve registration of a decision on the issue with the Bank of Russia or on the stock exchange."

A prepared issuer with a good credit rating can conduct such a transaction in a few days. However, there is also a drawback: for a relatively new company, such a process can take months.


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