A Canadian court has banned mining in the province of British Columbia

The court of the Canadian province of British Columbia has upheld an 18-month moratorium imposed by local energy companies for mining cryptocurrencies.

A Canadian court has banned mining in the province of British Columbia

Judge Michael Tammen assured that the injunction against mining does not violate the law. Power engineers from BC Hydro Corporation have imposed a ban on the supply of electricity for mining cryptocurrencies due to too much energy consumption by miners. The number of megawatts needed to mine cryptocurrencies in 2023 would exceed the amount of electricity that BC Hydro can provide. The company's actions will prevent an excessive load on the power grid, the judge assured.

In December 2022, BC Hydro imposed a moratorium on connecting new miners to the network. As a result, British Columbia became the third Canadian province to impose such restrictions. The ban was challenged by the Conifex Timber logging company, which engaged in mining cryptocurrencies in partnership with the Tsai Keh Dene Indian community.

Conifex Timber management expressed disappointment with the court's decision, saying that due to the mining ban, the province is missing out on many opportunities. While allowing mining, local authorities could stimulate technological innovation and contribute to the economic growth of British Columbia.

Source: https://bits.media/kanadskiy-sud-zapretil-mayning-v-provintsii-britanskaya-kolumbiya/

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